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>>Manage your IT with Data-Driven Decisions

Manage your IT with Data-Driven Decisions

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One of the many possible ways to take advantage of PerformanceVision is to use it to get visibility on the performances of your IT. Provided by our unique wire data analytics, this information allows you to base your strategy on concrete facts and to make more efficient decisions.

Where should you invest your budget next?

This is a quite common question. And it keeps comings back again and again over time.

For example, to deal faster with more and more data flowing across your data-centers, and to keep your users satisfied, do you need to improve your:

  • Network (more bandwidth)?
  • Connectivity (more load balancers)?
  • Servers (more processing power)?
  • Security devices (more SSL offloading)?
  • Critical applications (get the latest version)?

It is very likely that if you start asking teams in charge of these different elements, they will all have good reasons and arguments to claim for the budget.

As we all know, budget is a limited resource, so you will have to make a clear choice here.

Instead of basing your decision on intuition you can rather use the “in real-time analysis of data provided by our solution.

In a few clicks, PerformanceVision will help you answer to such key investment debates. At a glance, see if bandwidth limitation is becoming crucial or if one critical application is slowing down.

By providing the right information at the right moment, we help managers make smarter moves and to make more effective decisions.

Wire data leads to the right insights.

By getting the power to easily arbitrate between different solutions, you can turn information into decisions and actions that will highly improve your IT operations analytics (ITOA) strategy.


About the Author:

Thibault Bouchette is the Chief Technology Officer at Performance Vision, now part of Accedian. (LinkedIn profile)