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>>Partner Certification Training (Paris – France) July 4th – 7th

Partner Certification Training (Paris – France) July 4th – 7th

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PerformanceVision will hold a full training session in Paris from July 4th-7th, 2017; this training is designed for PerformanceVision partners to get a full preparation for:

  • integration,
  • configuration,
  • interpretation and consulting service delivery.

Partners who have received a training from SecurActive recently may apply for one or two days to acquire more in-depth knowledge of certain points.

Day 1:

  • PerformanceVision Concept
  • Solution Scope
  • Where and How to install?
  • TAP & Port Mirroring in depth
  • Appliance Setup
  • Zones & Applications Configuration
  • Reports Configuration

Day 2:

  • PerformanceVision metrics
  • Data Storage and Requesting
  • Internal Architecture
  • Packet capture: Automatic, Manual

Day 3:

  • Dashboards Data,
  • Monitoring Data
  • Analysis Data
  • VoIP Data
  • Data Interpretation: Common Use Cases

Day 4:

  • Distributed Mode
  • De-duplication Process
  • VMWare Environments
  • Data Interpretation : Advanced Use Cases
  • Critical Business Monitoring with SNMP
  • What’s Next

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