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Marcus Bienengraber 
Data Center Operation Manager

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AUTOonline provides flexible software and professional services to create value added for the players of the automotive industry involved in trading used and damaged cars (experts, insurers, financial service providers, fleet operators and recyclers). AUTOonline delivers a complete service platform to ease transactions on accidented and used cars by providing adjustment, purchasing, evaluation services benefiting to both buyers and sellers. Audatex AUTOonline is leader on his market, with over 50 years of business, presence in 70 countries and 75 000 customers. Audatex AUTOonline is part of the Solera Group a global leader in the insurance claim processing.

AUTOonline was looking for an alternative to our traditional network troubleshooting tools like Wireshark which were not providing great results in terms of MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution).

Why did you choose PerformanceVision (PV)?

We needed to implement some continuous monitoring to have an history of our traffic and performance and to be able to perform ex post analysis. We also required a visibility that would go beyond the network layer and specifically provides insights on the content of the application transactions.

As we previously worked with Horus-Net –a German company specialized in network troubleshooting- and noticed that they used PerformanceVision to support their investigations, we decided to evaluate it.
The evaluation went beyond our initial expectations and this is how we chose Performance Vision.  

How do you use it?

AUTOonline is a brokerage company which facilitates the sale of damaged cars between insurance companies and recycling companies; to ease the trade of cars, AUTOonline provides a complete software as a service platform to share the information between buyers and sellers, mostly in the form of web services and web applications.

This platform is hosted in 2 physical data centers.

PerformanceVision’s primary use cases are:

  1. Proactively checking the status of our services,
  2. Enabling the handling of end user complaints.

Proactive performance monitoring of our web services and applications

Results and ROI

PV has had huge benefits for our team and has been one of the success keys which made possible managing a critical and complex IT infrastructure with limited resources. It helped shorten MTTR, facilitated the collaboration between Application and Infrastructure team in a DevOps environment.