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| 19 May 2016

We see more IT departments considering NPM/APM adoption when dealing with data center moves, mergers and consolidations.

| 12 May 2016

Cutting MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve) for performance degradations from weeks to hours

Here is a short story about how PerformanceVision helped a major Healthcare organization accelerate the diagnostic of slowdowns reported since many months by end users and help initiate the code optimization by their software vendor in no more than a few hours.

| 28 April 2016

76% of the network traffic remains INSIDE the datacenter

Cisco's latest Global Cloud Index shows that 76 percent of network traffic today never even leaves the data center. According to Cisco, this high degree of intra-data center traffic can be attributed to functional separation of application servers, storage and databases, which generates replication, backup and read/write traffic traversing the data center.

| 22 April 2016

The challenge of managing highly distributed network architectures

Distributed network architecture

Here is a typical context: many sites are spread around the world for manufacturing and two central datacenters host all the internal applications. The internet gateway is provided by the service provider.

| 12 April 2016

In 2013, Cisco quoted that "Gartner stated that flow analysis should be done 80% of the time and that packet capture with probes should be done 20% of the time" (reference). We think they were wrong!

In their mind, you could choose between:

Network loop
| 08 April 2016

What is a network loop?

A switching loop occurs in a computer network when there is more than one layer 2 path between two endpoint devices, i.e. multiple connection between 2 network switches or two ports on the same switch connected together. For more information, visit: