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Roland Fuhrmann


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Faymonville is an industrial group that specializes in the manufacture of trailers; its four sites are located in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland, plus an agency in Russia. In all, the company has 600 employees.

We felt the need to proactively monitor our system usage and our network and application performance.

Why PerformanceVision ?

If complaints arose, we wanted to very quickly be able to identify:

  • Which application was affected? Which users, and when?
  • Is our WAN network overloaded? By which flow?
  • Are there irregular behaviors on our network (presence of a virus or malware)?

How we use PV

Each member of our IT department has complete access to the solution, and each person looks up the information
that can help them work effectively: 2 developers, 2 people responsible for operation, one person making the link between
industrial engineering and IT and myself as head of the department.

There are numerous examples of diagnoses made possible by PV; in the absence of such a tool, these incidents would have had lasting consequences on business productivity. Thanks to PV, our administrators were able to quickly pinpoint the problem and solve it.

PerformanceVision is a unifying factor for our team, both at the development and infrastructure levels.

After three years of use, the results are very positive.

Results and ROI

I regularly recommend PerformanceVision to colleagues, in order to get a comprehensive overview of network activity and to diagnose or optimize the performance of their IS.

In addition to savings associated with increased productivity within the IT team and the decrease in performance degradations for business teams, supervision of bandwidths and application optimization with PerformanceVision helped us save the expense of an upgrade and of increased telecom costs.