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Emmanuel PIEUX

Network Manager 

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The Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a group of institutions that share IT resources and staff. It includes the Chamber of Commerce and the Management School. The central infrastructure consists of two datacenters with approximately 200 servers, mostly virtualized. The Chamber has about 400 users, while the Management school accounts about 1.500 users on-site and up to 7.500 users if we include the students using the e-learning resources remotely (while on internship or for MIB and MBA students).

We wanted to be able to measure end-user response times, and identify potential degradation of critical apps.

    Why PerformanceVision ?

    The acquisition of PerformanceVision responded to a set of objectives shared by the different entities of the Chamber of Commerce within the context of major projects in 2011.

    1. Following a migration to a new WAN operator, we needed a tool that provides a reliable and independent measure of the quality of the WAN links, as well as an insight on the content and nature of the WAN flows;
    2. The School massively relies on Wi-Fi to allow its students to access its IT systems. We had experienced some issues in terms of quality and stability at this level;
    3. Within the IT department, we were conscious that managing the quality of service and the eventual user complaints required having a set of objective indicators of the performance of our applications. 

    How we use PV

    During this first year, Performance Vision has been intensively used in various key projects. The first project has motivated the purchase of the solution and since then, it has been used constantly for a variety of projects: 

    1. Data replication between the two datacenters
    2. Diagnostic of Wi-Fi disconnection issue
    3. Definition of baseline performance of our critical applications
    4. Resolution of network degradation on a remote site

    We use PV to run our projects smoothly, to reduce the risk exposure, to drive our partners and providers.

    Within the IT department, everyone is fully convinced of the Return on Investment of PerformanceVision.


    The probe helps us make good decisions on many issues and projects by providing us with genuine and objective data. We can immediately see where the problem comes from and how to solve it. Since the first troubleshooting, PV proved to be efficient and the requests for analysis from the different entities of the Chamber have flowed. We have had to establish a plan to use the probe and share its use between the different groups. In the future, we will consider the installation of virtual probes to visualize the traffic between the different sites in a distributed solution.