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Alain Pierre

Technical Manager

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Group S, an important social group for employers and self-employed workers, offers services in social security management and human resources via a social secretariat, a social insurance fund for self-employed workers, a family allowances fund and a broad range of HR services.

Its headquarters are located in Brussels, and its 900 employees work in over twenty-five sites in Belgium. The computerization of its services plays a key role in its improvement and communication with all its customers.

We realized that some of our key features (such as real-time transactional analysis of file storage and transfer flows) were simply unavailable from some competing products.

Why PerformanceVision ?

The connected applications are now at the core of our customer relations and our users are no longer exclusively internal. The main impact is that the efficient delivery of our applications is now far more critical and that any degradation should be, if not prevented altogether, at least resolved as quickly as possible.

In 2015, we are therefore aiming to update our tools in order to:

  • Ensure faster resolution of any problem reported by our users (which entails continuous monitoring of critical applications);
  • Proactively monitor performances and implement operations to clean up and optimize our infrastructure, so as to prevent any degradation that would be noticeable to users.

How we use PV

We have two main uses:

  1. Diagnostics: when there are user complaints, PerformanceVision analyzes all critical flows on our network and allows us to view the user performance history in just a few clicks, so that we can quickly understand whether a degradation has occurred, which users were affected and for which transactions, and what was the origin of the degradation;
  2. Optimization campaigns: we conduct optimization campaigns for services and applications that are critical to our users. These involve identifying misconfigurations, unexpected behaviors or errors in order to allow all groups involved in delivering the application (network, system and developments) to take necessary measures to proactively improve the performance experienced by users.

Detecting a problem with PerformanceVision is actually much faster than writing an email about it to another team!

Features and usability are highly appreciated by my team!

Results and ROI

It took less than a week, integration included, to identify several optimization points in our cluster:

  • Detection of different network overloads ;
  • Identification of video flows exploiting non-optimized channels ;
  • Identification of unnecessary DNS queries ;
  • Identification of redundant DHCP requests, such as WPAD requests ;
  • Detection of unnecessary LDAP queries

These campaigns, which prevent performance degradations for users, are obviously not feasible without a tool such as Performance Vision.