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Jérémy RENARD network engineer, BPCE-IT

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BPCE IT is the IT service department shared by all companies under the umbrella of the BPCE Group. It has 1,200 employees and provides the following support functions: nance, human resources, audit, risks, architecture and security.

The BPCE Group is the second largest banking group in France. With its 108,000 employees, the Group’s di erent subsidiaries (Banque Populaire banks, Caisses d’Epargne, Natixis, Banque Palatine, Crédit Foncier, and many others) provide banking and insurance services. 

PerformanceVision was originally deployed to monitor the performance of the WAN network

Why PerformanceVision ?

Its scope progressively expanded to include the application performance, end-user experience, the tra c between Banque Palatine and its partners, and the data exchanges between the main zones of its datacenters. 

How we use Performance Vision ?

PerformanceVision provides a 360° visibility of all the tra c from the agencies and the headquarters to the datacenters, between the main clusters in the datacenter and with the external partners. The DMZs are also monitored. PV is both a powerful solution and easy to manage. Despite the wide- angle coverage of our implementation, the solution requires almost no administration / con guration time and remains extremely simple to handle. 

Handling user complaints regarding performance, Troubleshooting, Capacity planning and Gathering analytics

We clearly have shorter resolution times with PerformanceVision! 

Results and ROI

PerformanceVision has a very reasonable TCO attached to it: license prices are fair and the maintenance and administration cost is very low (compared to similar solutions on the market).