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Christian Boehnke

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Horus-Net GmbH & Co. KG is a company based out of  Remagen, Germany. It specializes in data communications and monitoring. It has become a leading software and service provider of network analysis, management and security. Their core competence lies in the analysis and evaluation of measurement data (for LAN, WLAN or VoIP-specific projects). This has primarily activities such as network measurements in the accident, but also to control and verification, or in migration projects, optimizing the performance of its network and serve.

 The UI is faster than any product on the market

Why PerformanceVision ?

We made the decision to take Performance Vision in our portfolio and use it for the basis of our analysis service for the following reasons:

  1. Great and complete feature set
  2. Straightforward and fast implementation
  3. Flexible and scalable.

How we use PV

This unified approach to NPM and APM translates in faster and simpler implementations: it takes less than one hour to be up-and-running and start looking at data in a troubleshooting service. On the afternoon of the first day of a consulting service, you know you are already producing value for your customers. With other solutions, it would have taken several days (5 days for the same coverage would be a good evaluation) to get there.

You know you can cover the full scope of layer 2 to layer 7 transactions and that no additional appliance will be needed, whatever the customer’s request is.

For us, as a specialist of performance measurement, they outperform other vendors in the specific attention they pay to the quality of their metrics.

Results and ROI

PV people are open to feedback: they even solicit us for feedback and implement features based on requests we make. They have an incomparable control of their code and software and often surprise us with the quality and speed of the new releases.

PerformanceVision has successfully entered the German market! I would expect very famous and large corporate customers to replace their legacy N/APM solutions with PerformanceVision in the near future!