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Henrik Adriaensen

AMR Manager

"PerformanceVision’s HTTP performance module has a very strong value for Indexis and this confirms that we made the right choice by switching to it."

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Indexis is an independent service company, commissioned by netoperators Eandis in Flanders, ORES in Wallonia and Synergird, in charge of treatment and exchange of market data between the market parties in the free electricity and gas markets.

Indexis’ IT infrastructure is distributed over 2 datacenters with over 200 servers (massively virtualized) and has connections to all service providers and other third parties.



We realized that we could get a much better service than the one rendered by our Visual Performance Manager tools, at a much more favorable rate.

Why Performance Vision ?

Indexis had already invested in network and application performance monitoring a few years ago, but our team felt that it was critical to enlarge the scope of analysis of our existing solution, get better retention times and adapt our tooling to a datacenter which is now mostly virtualized.

It was also important for our team to rely on a solution which would be able to cope with the volume of data in our datacenter and offer a much more intuitive process to troubleshooting data.

How we use ?

Performance Vision is our primary tool for troubleshooting; there are many cases in which it gave us a clear diagnostic, which we would not have achieved without such a tool. 

For example, here are the latest findings we got out of it: 

  • We had some complaints for a slowdown on a specific server. Within minutes, we noticed the presence of TCP retransmission for that specific server. We discovered that this server had its virtual port channel misconfigured and we had our systems colleagues fix it within a few minutes. 
  • We also detected problems from our customer’s side: one of them reported a slow performance when accessing one of our HTTP servers. Very quickly we have been able to understand that this traffic was not routed appropriately on their end and that their proxy was rerouting that traffic through their Internet line instead of the private circuit. 
  • We fixed many configuration issues on the name resolution service: as an example, one server was requesting the same DNS resolution 40 thousand times an hour to access its database server. We had the DNS cache configuration fixed and improved its performance dramatically. 


We use Performance Vision on a daily basis. We have a monitoring screen which displays the performance status of our critical applications and network links.


We recommend PV to any IT manager in charge of a critical architecture. It improves our efficiency, helps deliver better service every day and guides us to the right decision.


We appreciated receiving a new major version (with no extra cost) with great new features no more than 3 months after the integration of the solution.

PerformanceVision’s HTTP performance module has a very strong value for Indexis and this confirms that we made the right choice by switching to it and that we shall benefit from the continuous improvement of their solution.