Lorraine Institute of Oncology

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Murat Aksu

Operations Manager

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The Lorraine Institute of Oncology (Centre Alexis Vautrin) is a non-profit organization providing public healthcare services; it belongs to the French federation of anticancer centers - UNICANCER. 

The Centre Alexis Vautrin IT team (14 people) manages the entire IT activities for the organization and for the Jean Monnet hospital’s radiotherapy department located in Epinal. This represents more than 900 IP addresses : 650 workstations, 130 printers and copiers, 150 servers (70% virtualized) gathered in 2 data centers connected by two 10 Gbps links.

We were impressed by the solution’s philosophy: to be precise, the way you navigate from dashboards to detailed information in 3 clicks

Why PerformanceVision ?

Globally, we have acquired PV because it allows us to have a great visibility of our network infrastructure and we are now able to measure the performance of our critical applications.

How we use PV

PerformanceVision helps us create our network map and identify protocols which were running in our network bandwidth but also solve network and application performance issues.

We use PV probes for multiple uses. In fact, when we are facing an issue regarding a user, we use it either to diagnose an application performance issue or a problem linked to the bandwidth. In few clicks, we know if the slowdown comes from the server, the workstation or our network.

On a daily basis, many PV features allow us to solve issues and improve our end-user quality of service.

We have used PV probes for several years now and are very pleased with them.

Results and ROI

PV probes help us follow carefully the implementation of applications internally. For more efficiency, I recommend to install PV probes close to the servers and / or the faulty equipment.

We really appreciate the philosophy of the two products, that is to say the ability to navigate from management dashboards to detailed information in a few clicks and identify easily the root cause of a slowdown or degradation.

In most cases, we had the opportunity to discuss with our suppliers based on tangible and reliable data. The PV acquisition was a worthwhile investment, as it helped us to solve network and application issues while improving our IT team productivity and the end-user satisfaction.