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Stéphane DEWEZ

Network Manager - Prefecture de Police de Paris


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The IT Center of the Police Headquarters (PREFECTURE DE POLICE DE PARIS) provides access to IT systems and applications to 30 000 public servants (police officers and associated administrative services) in Paris and its surroundings.

Its network is connected to the one of the Homeland Security Office. The IT center hosts and manages the applications dedicated to its 300 remote sites, including mail systems, intranet and specific applications (in total, approximately 250 servers).

Most of the time, we were unable to conduct an analysis at the time of the degradation and our efforts remained fruitless.

Why PerformanceVision?

We selected PV based on its strengths which fitted well with our needs:

  • In no more than half a day, we were getting relevant information and could use the product;
  • The drill-down access to information was fully intuitive;
  • The tool was adapted well to our entire team (including punctual / light users);
  • The network context (geographical and IP addressing plans) was perfectly translated into the interface and reports.

How we use PV

PV has then become a central tool in many operations:

  1. During the deployment of an HR software, it enabled us to validate the localization and intensity of the different user groups on our network;
  2. As part of the troubleshooting of a slowdown on our mapping application, PV helped us to deal with complaints of slow performance and disconnections by providing an objective measure of the quality of experience and clear elements for diagnosis.
  3. On a regular basis, PV gives us objective elements to support our discussions with external software vendors. This avoids getting into lengthy back-and-forth discussions.
  4. As part of a QoS configuration optimization project, PV provided all the necessary data about the bandwidth used by the different applications. 

Thanks to PV, we proceeded to a large « house cleaning » operation.

    For diagnostics, PerformanceVision outperforms our previous sniffer solutions and Netflow collectors!

    Results and ROI

    Overall, our experience has been brilliant. We consider PerformanceVision as a very good product which fits to our initial wish list. It is simple to usea and provides a lot of relevant information. Upfront, it is very easy to use for network administrators and provides well-designed reports for other IT staff members. We keep on enriching its configuration and using it on a daily basis.

    We have the project to extend its coverage through an additional virtual probe to analyze network traffic on remote sites (i.e., to analyze the application flows which cannot be viewed from our datacenter and diagnose local issues on remote sites).