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PerformanceVision version 4.1 delivers in-depth agentless performance monitoring for Microsoft applications and unprecedented scalability in distributed network capture.

PARIS – 30 September, 2016 – Performance Vision is officially releasing the 4.1 version of its agentless end-to-end performance management solution, bringing cutting-edge features such as Microsoft Services automatic recognition for performance monitoring and a new scale in distributing network capture devices to handle large scale virtual / Cloud visibility.

Performance Vision announces a new release: version 4.1 which brings new major features to their network and application performance management solution.

As part of its regular functional development, PerformanceVision has just released a new version of its flagship solution, PerformanceVision, only 5 months after its previous delivery. This new version brings major features as well as numerous enhancements of existing features. This new software release will be available to all existing PerformanceVision customers.

PerformanceVision’s partners and customers will benefit from the following new capabilities:

  • Microsoft Services auto-detection: PerformanceVision now automatically tracks and monitors the performance for Microsoft Services through the DCE/RPC protocol. It brings visibility on the performance of up to about 750 Microsoft applications and services. This feature will allow troubleshooting of performance degradations in Microsoft environments which could not be achieved previously. 
  • A fully revamped distributed architecture support. The scalability (in number of capture appliances managed from one central console) and the management of the solution are dramatically increased by these features. These features will enable new solutions for highly distributed environments (large accounts comprising tens of data centers and locations to monitor) as well as large scale virtual / Cloud environments. The management of tens of appliances is made easy through a new intuitive and centralized user interface.
  • Additional protocols decoded: Cisco DCE/CEE/DCB protocols and SAP Sybase databases transactions.
  • The improvement of numerous existing features as well as the user interface.  

For Thibault Bouchette, CTO at Performance Vision: “Performance Vision’s Research and Development team is now delivering a new release which is 100% in line with our customers’ requests, including ffeatures that accelerate their diagnostics, make their monitoring relevant and address their needs to handle new data center configuration requirements, and more specifically, fully virtual environments, private Cloud deployments and hybrid situations”.

For more information about PerformanceVision 4.1, click here.

If you are already a customer of Performance Vision, you can download the upgrade by connecting to the extranet