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The Province of Liège’s IT department’s mission is to provide its support to all the services of the Province. Its area of operation covers more than 4000 users at about 80 sites with more than 400 buildings (administrative internal users, cyberclasses, provincial educational PCs, etc.).

PerformanceVision’s usability, scalability and value made the difference.

Why PerformanceVision ?

While we were faced with a performance problem at our Malvoz site, we commissioned the Liège-based company abNETWORK, a specialist and longtime PerformanceVision partner, to perform a diagnostic procedure.
While the diagnostic procedure was focused on our Malvoz site, PerformanceVision quickly allowed us to identify a broader issue with the routing. A redistribution of BGP routes into EIGRP tables caused a definition of sub-optimal routes.

The analysis and conclusions provided by PerformanceVision confirmed our choice of this tool.

How we use PV

Today, we primarily use PV to solve frequent problems in an environment of the size of the Province:

  • Diagnostics: : In the event of user complaints, saving time for our teams and users is very important!
  • Continuous monitoring of user performances: a daily report is created, which lets us view the constant evolutions of performance and user experience. If a degradation occurs, we can assess its severity, its duration and its impact on users (on which applications and which transactions).

PV allows us to quickly pinpoint the source of the problem (network, server, application, etc.). In this way, we make an informed decision on which of our internal teams to contact for a quick resolution of the problem

After using PerformanceVision for a year and a half, the results are very positive.

Results and ROI

Several weaknesses in the design of our computer network were corrected thanks to the solution. For occasional performance issues, degradations experienced by users are objectified and a more accurate analysis allows us to quickly find their source in order to address them.

In the future, PV will allow us to be even more proactive and better target our improvement / optimization points.