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Real User Monitoring (RUM)

PerformanceVision tracks all user activities occurring on all the IT resources (internal, external, cloud applications) in a fully non-intrusive way. It automatically detects the applications and transactions performed by the users in production. PerformanceVision provides instant visibility on the performance experienced by the users as well as a history. PerformanceVision can analyse the operations executed by the users, measure the performance experienced by them and the elements which influence such experience.

All this data is available through a drill-down user interface, which makes it easy to browse from synthetic dashboards (dashboards, evolution trends, maps) to detailed information on each session / transaction made by a specific user.

PerformanceVision requires no scenario, no robot, and no agent (neither on the client nor on the server). A straightforward network traffic capture provides full visibility on the performance experienced by users.


Network Performance Management (NPM)

PerformanceVision traces all user sessions on the network and provides indicators such as:

  • Network usage (bandwidth, volume consumed)
  • Identification of the different uses of the network and their flow maps
  • The behavior of hosts (TCP events and errors)
  • Evolution of the end-user experience
  • The origin of performance variations (network latency, server processing times, quantity of data sent back and forth).
Network Performance and Server Processing times
Network performance and Application performance


Application Performance Management (APM)

PerformanceVision also provides application performance analysis capabilities, including:

  • Tracking all the application transactions (HTTP hits, SQL requests, etc.)
  • Measuring the application processing times for each request and the time necessary to transfer it through the network
  • Identifying potential application errors
  • Providing detailed information on the response (response code, size, error message, etc.)
Application Transactions in Real Time
Application Transactions in Real Time


RUM, NPM and APM unified in a single appliance

PerformanceVision natively integrates all these functions into a single solution (virtual or physical appliance), with no module, option or integration required. You now have full visibility on all the performance indicators with the best TCO, complexity and speed of implementation.