Spie Batignolles

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Spie Batignolles is a global player in the construction and public works sectors.

Spie Batignolles employs 6500 people and generates a turnover of € 1,8 bn.

The goal of this project was to keep track of user experience at every level of the group.

Why PerformanceVision ?

We chose PerformanceVision as we considered its price/performance/richness of information ratio to be more advantageous.

How we use PV

PerformanceVision tracks (anonymously and globally) all of the flows that reach our datacenter, i.e. the traffic of about 3500 users.

It is used daily by the entire IT team, from IT management with the dashboards to the administrators who can
determine whether there’s a degradation of response time or latency, and if so when, for which users and applications, and where it originates.

The solution providesa “wide angle” visibility of all the applications used.

We have transitioned from reactive performance management to proactive management.

Results and ROI

Beyond diagnostic operations, PerformanceVision has supported the migrations and changes in architecture that Spie Batignolles implemented on its data center.

PV has allowed us to prepare these migrations, to monitor their development and their impact on infrastructure usage and user performance before, during and after the migration. It also allowed us to gather objective data regarding the benefits of these migrations on delivering applications to users.