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Gérard Willème

IT Operations Director

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Created by the merger of the two real estate subsidiaries of the VINCI Group, world leader in the building and concession industry, VINCI Immobilier has 415 employees located in 13 offices. The IT infrastructure of Vinci Immobilier is critical to the company's business productivity. All 500 users are heavily using applications for their daily operations (for example, 500 users store more than 2 million documents in the SharePoint platform and are highly dependent on the email / groupware platform).

In fact, we did not have a real time overview of the status of the network

Why PerformanceVision ?

When we first looked at PerformanceVision, we were receiving complaints from our end-users with regards to the "network’s availability". The information provided to our helpdesk by the users was not sufficient to determine whether we were dealing with a WAN bandwidth congestion, a Citrix response time issue or a performance degradation of our applications. In fact, we were not able to know who is using the bandwidth and for what purpose. Therefore, we were unable to quickly adjust the bandwidth available on our private network.

How we use PV

We have approximately 15 critical applications - including 6 closely monitored by PerformanceVision, 80 servers and 15 branches connected by various means (fiber, ADSL, VPN link).

The next steps would consist of an integration of PerformanceVision’s data into our Nagios monitoring platform to be alerted in real-time, as well as adding a probe to monitor our internet gateway and our critical SQL servers. This would allow us to have a comprehensive reporting.


After a few hours of configuration only, we had a complete status report every two hours for the network and the user experience of our 6 critical applications !

Performance Vision is a solution which requires little configuration work and provides a lot of relevant information.

Results and ROI

On top of troubleshooting performance degradations and other operational issues, we are able to:

  • Automatically provide a status report of the network (retransmission rates, congestion, latency)
  • Measure the performance for our critical applications (measurement of the end-user experience on our Citrix farm for our business-critical applications), as well as our intranet and CRM (web application).

This allows us to proactively detect performance problems and to precisely identify the anomalies of our servers. We are also able to monitor the performance of one of our database servers at the SQL-query level (via packet captures and ex post analysis), and in a position to fix the problem very easily without using a DBA (NB: we do not have that type of skill internally).