Virtual, Cloud & SDN

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Datacenters are now mostly virtualised (90 to 100% virtual servers). Regardless of the virtualisation technology used, it is a challenge to implement and run a performance monitoring and troubleshooting solution. A majority of the data exchanges inside the application chains take place between virtual devices, rarely through the physical network. Most virtual datacenters also imply dynamic creation, resource allocation and positioning of the virtual machines.  

PerformanceVision is 100% software-based and requires no hardware element (no capture card, for example) and can natively integrate into software-defined environments (virtualisation, Cloud, SDN).  


Native integration in the virtual datacenter

PerformanceVision relies on the native capabilities of the virtualisation platform—specifically its network functions— to capture traffic between the virtual machines. A lightweight traffic capture virtual appliance is placed in each host to receive and analyse a copy of the traffic forwarded by the native virtual switch.  The reporting traffic that is from the lightweight capture appliance represents 0.2% to 0.5% of the traffic captured.  It is transferred to the central datastore using a highly compressed and secured tunnel with almost no impact on the network.  

PerformanceVision can capture all the flows inside a virtualised datacenter:

  • Relying purely on the native virtual switch infrastructure (no additional device like a virtual TAP or specific integration prerequisite are required)
  • Consuming very low resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth on the network interfaces)
  • In a fully stable way and with no impact on the way the virtual datacenter is run
Non-intrusive Traffic Capture in a VMware Environment
Non-intrusive Traffic Capture in a VMware Environment

Cloud & SDN

PerformanceVision virtual appliances also allow native integration to private clouds and software-defined networks (SDNs).