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Fit in any IT infrastructure

PerformanceVision is an all-in-one solution that can come in two forms:

  1. Lightweight Capture appliances that only collect and analyze the traffic. These appliances have no user interface, and all performance metrics are sent to the “Datastore” appliance.
  2. Datastore appliances which collect, analyze the traffic and gather performance data from remote “Capture” appliances. Fully autonomous, they include all features from packet capture to performance measurement, data visualization, alerting and reporting.

You can deploy several Performance Vision devices spread over your IT infrastructure, collect their statistics and aggregate them into a central “Datastore” appliance. The user can visualize all his traffic through a single centralized graphical interface and manage only one configuration for all the devices.

Our appliances can be either hardware or software and can be mixed freely to match your IT infrastructure specificities.

For example, a hardware “Datastore” can be used in conjunction with Lightweight “Capture” appliances that collect traffic in virtual environments. Or you could use hardware “Capture” appliances on remote sites and centralize the data in a high end virtual “Datastore” probe. You can also mix hardware and virtual “Capture” appliances. The same set of features is available for all our solutions, be they hardware or software based.