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PerformanceVision is a network-based application performance management solution that combines advanced end-user experience monitoring, network performance and real-time transaction insight in a single virtual or hardware-based appliance.

PerformanceVision offers wide angle, granular & scalable wire data performance analysis with:

  • Zero configuration required
  • 100% of the captured traffic is analyzed from network layer to application transactions
  • Every session, every transaction is measured in detail in real-time
  • Over 10 Gbps per appliance in production, 40 Gbps interface support
  • Fully agentless, no software to deploy on neither server nor client

PerformanceVision is a fully passive solution that is production-safe for our clients and offers a Zero-Day operational approach. Our solution is up and running in minutes and comes with advanced protocol auto-detection capabilities for hundreds of applications and services, making it fully autonomous.

Our solution provides a universal datacenter coverage. PerformanceVision monitors network traffic, collecting network usage and performance, end-user experience and application transactions exchanged on hardware, virtual, cloud and software-defined networks.


We decode and analyze all incoming traffic with a micro-second precision level. All network flows and applications are identified, classified and performance indicators are computed in real-time from level 2-4 layers to level 7. In one single appliance, PerformanceVision analyzes both network metrics and critical application metrics providing unmatched IT infrastructure and application performance awareness.

PerformanceVision appliances capture all the traffic that reaches their interfaces, be it IPv4, IPv6 or non-IP flows. For each captured flow, an extensive set of information is provided from TCP/UDP layer (3) to application layer (7).

In all screens of the Performance Vision interface, users can intuitively browse to a more detailed information with a single mouse click. You can access to more detailed data corresponding to what you want to focus on by simply clicking on a graph or a table cell. From one view to another, filters are automatically saved to make the navigation simple. You can easily drill down to the appropriate level of detail you need.

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Performance Vision usages covers troubleshooting, monitoring and capacity planning.

Data is preserved for up to two years, which is useful in identifying usage trends that might not be observed with shorter periods of time. Our customers can therefore make informed decision regarding capacity planning. With such views, Performance Vision makes proactive capacity planning for a dynamic network environment a simple task. Be it for bandwidth requirements or application response times, you can know in advance when the infrastructure will reach its maximum capacity.


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