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See how network and applications behave

A lot of companies rely on critical Software as a Service (SaaS) applications but are faced with slowdowns and downtimes that are hard to investigate as they don’t have an appropriate solution for monitoring and troubleshooting in these situations. Customers no longer have the possibility to observe what is being transferred between clients and servers or how the network and applications behave.

For traditional on-premises applications, PerformanceVision provides complete visibility and control for all public or private SaaS applications that are vital for most businesses as it offers the right insight into network health, end-user experience and application performances. Our solution favors faster problem resolution by significantly reducing costs and avoiding business impacting issues.

Depending on your IT security rules and constraints, PerformanceVision can decode SSL transactions by itself with an appropriate TLS setup. It can also work in conjunction with other market leading products that intercept and decrypt SaaS flows in a controlled way for situations where security conditions require it.

In either case, PerformanceVision provides advanced end-user experience monitoring, network performance and real-time transaction insight into SaaS applications.

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