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Virtual / Cloud traffic capture

Performance Vision provides full 360° visibility

Most of the data exchanges inside today’s application chains take place between virtual, software defined or could-based devices, rarely through the physical network. Most virtual datacenters strongly rely on dynamic creation, allocation and positioning of containers. The flexibility offered by such environments has an annoying downside which is the lack of visibility on the data exchanged between the different components and their performances.

Regardless of the technology used, it is always a challenge to implement and run a performance monitoring and troubleshooting solution in these conditions.

PerformanceVision solutions are 100% software-based for capturing, filtering and analyzing the traffic and do not require dedicated hardware elements. Our products are packaged as either hardware or software appliances that can be mixed freely to match any IT infrastructure characteristics.

PerformanceVision takes advantage of the native capabilities of the virtualization platform to capture traffic between the virtual machines. There are many ways to deploy PerformanceVision in these situations. Here are some examples:

  • Deploy a lightweight virtual traffic-capture appliance in each host to receive and analyze a copy of the traffic provided by the virtual switches;
  • Get the traffic through SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN mirroring capabilities of the virtual environment;
  • Use virtual TAPs to capture a copy of the data flowing between different virtual machines.

PerformanceVision is operational on all kinds of environments and provides a full 360° visibility of both hardware and virtual traffic. “East-West” server-to-server traffic within a datacenter and “North-South” client-to-server traffic between the datacenter and the rest of the world are visible with one single solution that can be deployed in just a few minutes.

Take the control of your virtualized, software-defined and cloud-based environments back with network health and performance metrics provided by PerformanceVision.

Also keep in mind that, being fully agentless, our solution has no impact on the way the datacenter is run since you do not have to install any software neither on clients nor on servers: PerformanceVision is production-safe for your systems.


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