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Analysis modules

100% of transactions measured in real-time

We keep track of all flows

For every application, PerformanceVision keeps track of all performance metrics. It shows the performance for any flow while also providing the possibility to refine your search using a large variety of filters: by application, by client and / or server IP addresses, by protocol stack…

No user configuration is required for PerformanceVision to display this information on captured traffic in tables or graphs.

PerformanceVision comes with advanced Port Independent Protocol Identification capabilities and hundreds of applications and services preconfigured, making it fully autonomous. No extensive configuration is required; you send traffic to the probes and you are done. Our deployment speed is recognized and much valued by our customers and partners.

Network Performance

PerformanceVision appliances capture all the traffic reaching their interfaces, be it either IPv4, IPv6 or Non-IP flows. For each machine that exchanges data on the network, flows are captured, measured, and a large set of information through multiples Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is provided to establish the health of the communication.

PerformanceVision can present the data through different dashboards. Graphics, tables and matrices make each information easy to access. This lets you instantly identify the most important values throughout the network infrastructure and the application performances.

Name Services

PerformanceVision analyzes name resolution transactions for the most common protocols: DNS, NetBIOS, WINS, mDNS… This allows you to identify various performance issues perceived by the end-users such as configuration problems on the DNS server, or on the client or application sides.


PerformanceVision has a dedicated module for measuring the performance of web applications.

Not only do we measure single hit response times, as most players do, but we also report the complete timeline of the page loading times. The number and typology of HTTP errors are reported for an easy troubleshooting of web application transactions. PerformanceVision can retain HTTP requests and responses for an in-depth analysis; it also includes an SSL decryption module which lets us handle HTTPS transactions to also provide visibility on secured transactions.

SQL Databases

PerformanceVision can analyze the performance of databases purely passively, without the need to deploy an agent or change server parameters. SQL transactions of most common databases will be automatically measured and available for diagnostics. PerformanceVision shows response times, the presence of errors, the SQL queries, and a lot of other metrics available through a one-click access to the details of each request.

File transfers – CIFS / SMB

Both users and applications constantly transfer files, and generally a lot of them! Any issue or slowdown in these transfers will generate lots of user complaints. With PerformanceVision, gain full visibility on who is accessing which resource, and with which performances. We support CIFS / SMB v1 to v3 protocols for file transfer analysis, including all command metrics, statuses and details.

Citrix Xen App/XenDesktop

Identifying the cause of a Citrix performance issue is a real challenge because there are so many different components and servers implied with multiples dependencies between them. 

PerformanceVision will bring you unmatched visibility into Citrix login and launch times, network usage, and application activity. 

Thanks to the detailed insights provided at every layer and for every tier, you can diagnose and solve issues in a few clicks.


PerformanceVision measures the Quality of Service of VoIP flows. The following protocols are supported: SIP, Cisco Skinny and MGCP. We measure, for each call, the conversation details, people involved, call duration and quality through multiple metrics such as the Mean Opinion Score (MOS), jitter, latency, status codes…

ICMP Analysis

In addition to performance measurements, PerformanceVision also shows all the flows in error. It can identify any machine trying to reach non-existing networks or not responding to the requested service.  For example, this can be very helpful in identifying devices using an outdated or incorrect configuration.

Actionable insights for better Performance

Perfomance Vision offers powerful performance monitoring that enables you to track,
maintain, and visualise network performance in real time.