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Lightweight appliances to analyze the traffic with minimal impact

Capture” probes are lightweight appliances linked to a central “Datastore”; they collect, analyze the traffic and are designed to have a minimal impact on the resources. To ensure the largest scalability, up to 50 “Capture” devices can be linked to a single central “Datastore” probe that provides a unified graphical interface and offers a centralized management for all attached “Captures“.

Hardware Capture Appliances

Virtual Capture Appliances

These lightweight appliances have a small footprint on virtual IT infrastructures. Deployed inside virtual hosts, they capture the network traffic and produce the performance metrics that will be sent to the central “Datastore”. This way, PerformanceVision can provide an exhaustive visibility on the network health and the application transactions exchanged by all the virtual machines in your datacenters.

Depending on the needs of your infrastructure, virtual “Capture” appliances come in packs:

Depending on your network traffic volumes, we provide sizing recommendations to adjust the resources allocated to the virtual appliances.