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Fully autonomous appliances

PerformanceVision monitors network traffic and collects network usage, performance, end-user experience and application transactions exchanged on physical, virtual, cloud and software-defined networks.

To cover all kinds of IT infrastructures, including multiple locations and datacenters across the globe, PerformanceVision can be installed as either a single self-sufficient appliance or numerous devices spread-out over different places. In any case, our interface will provide a unified view over all the collected data to offer a clear 360° view of all that happens in your network, along with a centralized configuration for a straightforward administration of the probes.

Fully autonomous, Datastore appliances include all features from packet capture to performance measurement, data visualization, alerting and reporting. Capture probes are lightweight appliances linked to a central Datastore. These appliances collect, analyze the traffic and are designed for a minimal impact on the resources.

Hardware Datastore Appliances

Our hardware appliances provide a huge scalability while supporting a wide variety of configurations. They can easily be adjusted to your network particularities through multiples optional network devices.

Hardware Product Range – Scalability in Flow Analyses Per Minute

Network interfaces and options

Virtual Datastore Appliances

The same features are available on all PerformanceVision appliances, be it hardware or software based. Our software appliances are available as fully packaged images for an easy deployment in virtual, cloud or hybrid environments.

Please note that mixing hardware / virtual PerformanceVision appliances is natively supported.

While the “Site” and “Datacenter” versions are full featured versions, the “Express” ones are designed to be easily affordable and perfect for short term troubleshooting missions and low traffic environments. PerformanceVision virtual appliances also exist in the “Express” version.

Explore Virtual / Cloud traffic capture

Feature Set Comparison

Just like our hardware appliances, our virtual probes scale from 50 K to 1.6 M flow analyses per minute. Depending on network traffic volumes, we provide sizing recommendations to adjust the resources allocated to the virtual appliances.

Virtual Product Range – Scalability in Flow Analyses Per Minute


Analysis modules