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All-in-one solution that offers wire-data analytics in a unified NPM / APM appliance

PerformanceVision analyzes network health and application performance in real-time. Highly scalable, it provides wire data analytics for a 360° visibility of your IT infrastructure, even for large environments with tens of thousands of users. Taking advantage of modern multi-core processors, it keeps track of every network flow and application transaction at sustained high-speed rates.

From a single point of analysis, you can drastically reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) for business impacting incidents. Thanks to key performance indicators monitored for all your traffic by our products, you can proactively take appropriate actions to keep services up and running for your customers.

PerformanceVision services are available as hardware or software appliances to fit any client size and any kind of IT architecture: classic, virtual, software-defined or cloud based datacenters.

PerformanceVision appliances exist in the following versions:

  • Micro / Mobile / Express
    Tiny high-performance probes that are ideal for monitoring small remote locations with limited traffic; the hardware version (Mobile) will easily fit into your bag when you move it from one site to another for a quick audit or troubleshooting session.
  • Site
    Perfect for monitoring performances of remote branches or small datacenters.
  • Datacenter
    Designed for larger datacenters or big offices, these appliances will easily handle traffic intensive environments.

There is no product segmentation in our products for advanced data analysis, data visualization or reporting: PerformanceVision is an all-in-one solution that offers wire-data analytics in a unified NPM and APM single appliance at up to 40Gbps.