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4 Clicks to drill down

Any performance degradation in 4 clicks to resolution

Be alerted of performance degradations before end users complain

Many organizations struggle handling end-user complaints regarding slow application and network services. Properly routing cases to the right team is also an issue.

Performance Vision is transforming the way IT teams work and how end-user performance is monitored.

In case of degradations our solution lets your helpdesk team:

  • be alerted,
  • instantly knows:
    • which application is impacted,
    • when,
    • what is the origin of the degradation: network, server or application.

Based on evidence, the case can be forwarded to the right IT group for detailed diagnostic.

Business Critical Application

Business Critical Application Dashboard showing end-user response time degradations and providing a clear indicator of where the degradation comes from – here a server processing time slow down in the example.

Instantly identify the scope and the origin

What is driving the end-user experience?
With a single click, you can drill down to get more details about the end-user experience of this application.
The Application Dashboard first shows the evolution of the end-user response times broken down between network, server response and data transfer times, along with the evolution of the transaction volumes for that application.
At a glance, you understand what led to the degradation of the end-user experience and when.

application dashboard

By scrolling-down, you get to know which server(s) and which user group(s) were impacted.

breakdown by server

Identify the users and transactions involved

Clicking on a specific user group shows you which users are impacted within the group, details of their application usage and performance indicators

This dashboard helps to compare end-user performance client by client and identify users with abnormal response times and usage.

Get to the root cause

You can then drill down to the very details of the transactions at both network, TCP and application levels, and see exactly where the degradation came from:

  • client outage;
  • network latency or packet loss issue;
  • server outage;
  • application response times.

Performance Vision provides an instant view of each session with detailed records and packet tracing:

TCP Sessions

With a single click, you can access the details of the application’s transactions (HTTP hits, HTTP pages, database queries, file transfers, etc.):

Protocole HTTP

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