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Easy to deploy and use2018-03-15T16:40:29+00:00

Zero Configuration Simplifies Deployment and Maintenance

SkyLIGHT™ PVX requires zero configuration to report performance analytics: any traffic that is captured by any appliance—physical or virtual—will be analyzed from layer 2 to layer 7 and across application components, automatically.

Consequently, SkyLIGHT PVX is:

  • the most straightforward and resource-efficient network and application performance management solution to deploy, learn, use, and maintain
  • the network and application performance management solution best suited to provide IT operations teams with visibility on every application accessed by each end-user as well as all dependencies inside application chains

SkyLIGHT PVX’s user interface is also the most intuitive on the market. Download and test SkyLIGHT PVX to see the difference!

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