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Scalable, Expandable, Precise and High Retention

Scalability is important as it will drives how much of your network you can see! It is also crucial to plan for the future as traffic volumes and number of applications grow constantly. Nevertheless, the capture rate is not the single metric one must consider to evaluate the scalability of performance solution. The amount of traffic you can analyze has value if and only if:

  • the data is precise enough for you to perform diagnostics;
  • the data is retained long enough for you to look at it and get a sufficient baseline to draw conclusions;
  • it can be captured in every location where it is needed to solve problems.

Performance Vision combines scalability, granularity and retention in the best possible way for your team to perform diagnostics.

  • Scalable capture rates: with all decodes activated, each probe capture can capture in excess of 1M pps (packets per second) and has 40Gbps class capture capability, without putting a drag on your network;
  • Expandable: our distributed architecture is capable of easily handling dozens of capture devices (physical and virtual) with a fully centralized data access and management. This is key to getting visibility on all your data centers, on the traffic inside your virtual and cloud environments as well as on the traffic on your remote sites;
  • Precise: Performance Vision retains a high level of granularity on each layer of analysis, combining trace files, over a hundred metrics on each L3 session as well as transaction level detailed analytics for each individual application transaction. There is no form of limiting the number of data sets recorded and reported (Top-N type system): Performance Vision records every single session and transaction;
  • High Retention: using reasonable storage capabilities, the troubleshooting data will be retained for weeks and the baseline data up to to 2 years.

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