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Universal Datacenter Coverage

Performance Vision’s architecture offers sufficient flexibility to capture traffic in all sorts of datacenters: physical networks, virtual, private cloud and SDN. You can leverage the specifics of our product range to monitor performance wherever it needs to be capture thanks to:

  • physical capture appliances capable of capturing from 1Gbps up to 40Gbps links and offering a huge flexibility in terms of capture ports;
  • virtual capture appliances which can capture east-west traffic inside virtual, SDN and cloud datacenters while being both resource-savvy and affordable;
  • distributed architecture which can manage and centralize the management of dozens of capture devices and can scale to the requirements of the largest enterprises.

These specifics open new possibilities to cover every part of your IT systems:

  • traffic from users to multiple datacenters;
  • traffic inside datacenters (East West traffic) including in virtual and cloud environments;
  • traffic on your remote sites thanks to our micro probes and NetFlow capabilities.

Easy to deploy and use