>>>Wide range of transaction decoded in real time
Wide range of transaction decoded in real time 2017-12-07T14:41:53+00:00

Wide range of transactions in one second

Decoded in real time

Performance Vision follows all application conversations going through your network in real time. This does not mean it captures trace files that you can look at to analyze application conversations later on; it automates all the investigations an analyst would perform at the application level and executes them in real time as the traffic goes through the network. This produces already computed metrics and statistics which are stored in a purpose designed data storage device that makes the data instantly available for searches, dashboards and drill downs. These operations would otherwise be impossible to perform directly from trace files in a matter of seconds. The following queries become easier to perform with PerformanceVision: what is the performance of this SQL query/statement over the last 3 weeks? What is the behavior of that type of web pages across millions of hits per hour?

All of this is performed automatically, with no agent, at full line rate.

Performance Vision processes transaction performance analytics in real time for the following.

  • Web applications and services
  • HTTPs / SaaS / Cloud applications
  • Databases
  • File transfer and Storage
  • Common services like name resolution
  • Remote desktop services and Citrix published applications
  • VoIP

Universal Datacenter coverage