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Customer Quote

“The UI is faster than any product on the market”

— Christian Boehnke


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About Horusnet

Horus-Net GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative company specialized in data communication analysis. With more than 14 years of experience and Know-how Horus-Net is a professional service provider regarding:

  • Network services – communication analysis, measurements, certifications
  • Seminars, workshops and product trainings – from network basics to Troubleshooting
  • Hard- and Software solutions – analysis & monitoring, WLAN, VoIP, TAPs, Security)

The core competence of Horus-Net lies in the analysis and evaluation of measurement data for LAN, WAN, WLAN & VoIP. As a result, the main fields of activity are network measurements in case of incidence, but also for control and verification after migrations or in projects, where the performance optimisation of networks and applications are required.

Why Performance Vision ?

Christian Boehnke: Horus-Net has a long experience with network analysis and monitoring.
We have worked for numerous corporate clients using many technologies ranging from packet capture, network analysis, NPM and APM.

We made the decision to take Performance Vision in our portfolio and use it for the basis of our analysis service for the following reasons:

  • Great and complete feature set
  • Straightforward and fast implementation
  • Flexible and scalable.

Let me explain what I mean by each of these advantages:

Great and complete feature set

Most players in the N/APM market now have a relatively complete feature set; where PerformanceVision overtakes its competitors is by efficiently concentrating features which would be spread in 3, 4 or 5 appliances / modules in other offerings. As an example, you get in a simple appliance NPM, RUM (real user monitoring) and real-time application transaction tracking for a wide range of applications. For us and for our customers, it means tighter logistics, simpler and faster installations as well as controlled cost of delivery.

Straightforward and fast installation

This unified approach to NPM and APM translates in faster and simpler implementations: it takes less than one hour to be up-and-running and start looking at data in a troubleshooting service. On the afternoon of the first day of a consulting service, you know you are already producing value for your customers. With other solutions, it would have taken several days (5 days for the same coverage would be a good evaluation) to get there.

You know you can cover the full scope of layer 2 to layer 7 transactions and that additional appliance will be needed, whatever the customer’s request is.

One thing makes all the analysis easier: PerformanceVision provides a wide-angle view of traffic: no need to configure what you want to see. You just have to plug the unit and send it some traffic and it reports on all the traffic, which automatically gets recognized at layer 7 (most other vendors recognized them by port, which induces some additional work).

Once the traffic capture is up and running, you only have to filter the traffic you want to analyse and you get instant data from layer 2 to layer 7. It takes us no more than 3 or 4 clicks to put together a report and send it to the right department for a fix or an optimisation.

Flexible and scalable

We can use both physical and virtual appliances, which enable us to conduct analyses both on the physical network and inside the virtualized / cloud-based data centres. It also suppresses the logistics constraint (you can service multiple customers using virtual appliances), you get a new virtual appliance and license key within an hour and you can install it on any customer site anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the UI is faster than any product on the market and scales to never before throughputs, making it possible to address very large networks with a wide-angle view from layer 2 to layer 7.

How would you describe your collaboration with the vendor?

I would not name PerformanceVision a vendor, but a partner! The relationship with them is the easiest and the closest we have ever had with a software / hardware maker! They are open to feedback: they even solicit us for feedback and implement features based on requests we make. They have an incomparable control of their code and software and often surprise us with the quality and speed of the new releases.

For us, as a specialist of performance measurement, they outperform other vendors in the specific attention they pay to the quality of their metrics. They are open to feedback, transparent about how they measure performance and are always looking for ways to improve their solution.

You know you can cover the full scope of layer 2 to layer 7 transactions and that no additional appliance will be needed, whatever the customer’s request is.

Which of your customers are using PerformanceVision and for what?

Beyond the troubleshooting and assessment services we run on Performance Vision, existing customers have acquired the solutions. For example, I can name as an example Audatex AutoOnLine. These customers in the range 1 000 to 10 000 end users finally found in PerformanceVision a solution which is suitable for their environment, complexity and resources.

These customers have several thousands of users, tens or hundreds of remote offices and were willing to reduce the loss due to the impact of performance degradations on their operations. They monitor the traffic reaching their data centers 24/7, monitor performance service levels and deliver accelerated troubleshooting when required.

Performance Vision has successfully entered the German market! I would expect very famous and large corporate customers to replace their legacy N/APM solutions with PerformanceVision in the near future!

For us, as a specialist of performance measurement, they outperform other vendors in the specific attention they pay to the quality of their metrics.




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