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The Luxembourg Institute of Health is a public research organization at the forefront of biomedical sciences. With its strong expertise in population health, oncology, infection and immunity as well as storage and handling of biological samples, its research activities impact on people’s health.

Mathieu Briquemont, IT Specialist at LIH gives us full insight on the Institution's experience using PerformanceVision.

Why Performance Vision ?

The initial objectives were to proactively monitor that our network infrastructure was delivering a good quality of service and plan the adequate capacity to keep our services running well. This was back in 2009.
After a couple of years positively using your solution, we realized that we should extend our trafficbased monitoring to application layers. This was started in 2013 with a refined list of objectives: our goals became to proactively monitor the experience of our users accessing the applications, and accelerate  troubleshooting across applications and infrastructure teams.

PerformanceVision has not only improved our IT on a day-to-day basis, but has also provided ways to improve our IT Operations management and the way it handles projects and changes.

How we use Performance Vision ?

We monitor both our network infrastructure and the access to all applications. To do that we can use the two main dashboards (Business Critical Applications and Business Critical Networks) to make sure that our key applications are well delivered to our users and that our critical network links are providing good quality and are not over-utilized.

PerformanceVision (PV) is integrated with our Nagios based monitoring system (« Eye of the Network ») to provide an instant view of the IT status to our helpdesk, and that it can receive alerts instantly if any degradation occurs. In addition, we use PerformanceVision’s transaction modules to monitor key applications such as:

  • Odoo (OpenERP): we monitor that all pages are delivered in acceptable load times. As our ERP also provides some data to external users through our DMZ, PerformanceVision bestowed great help in identifying resources / transactions which were too slow or that were presenting errors (unreachable items for example).
  • Fileserver: many of our users are extensively using file sharing facilities either directly or through applications to exchange and share research data. PV’s CIFS / SMB module helped us identify slow transfers, access the right issues, etc. This feature also helped us track long login times on our Windows infrastructure by narrowing down its root cause (logon files which were excessively large and downloaded from the servers at each logon).
  • Database: like any organization manipulating large amounts of data, we rely heavily on database applications. These are also constantly monitored by PV.

Results and ROI

The results were awesome in terms of shortening resolution times and having a proactive approach of performance, as well as avoiding degradations. This saved us a massive amount of IT time and we were also able to avoid the negative impacts of long lasting degradations on the staff’s productivity.

The positive impacts progressively went beyond these initial objectives:

  • PV helped us better manage:Our relationship to other departments who deploy their own applications: each research department developed and deployed their own homemade or vendor applications. We have to help these departments run their applications efficiently and size the network and system infrastructure required to reach their performance objectives. Very often, PV has provided insight in the architecture and infrastructure requirements of these applications; thanks to PV we avoided overinvesting in infrastructure while securing proper end user experience: we followed PV’s objective data rather than funny sizing assumptions.
  • The response to security threats like Cryptolocker: recently we faced several episodes of Cryptolocker attacks. PV played a key role in locating instantly which clients were infected and those threatening to infect the rest of our file storage. The CIFS/SMB capabilities of PV have been key to protecting us from any large impact.

The multiplication of PV’s uses within LIH explain and fully justify the extension of PerformanceVision’s coverage in our IT.

How do you plan on using it in the future?

We are very happy with the way we integrated PV in our troubleshooting and monitoring dayto-day operations. Our focus is to systematically and proactively integrate the data provided by PV in key projects such as roll outs and migrations.

PerformanceVision has not only improved our IT on a day-to-day basis, but has also provided ways to improve our IT Operations management and the way it handles projects and changes.


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