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Spit Batignolles

Spie Batignolles is a global player in the construction and public works sectors. Its five areas of expertise cover all business lines.
A reference independent group, Spie Batignolles is active in France and internationally. The group is driven by the desire to create and share sustainable value. Its innovative commercial brands, accompanied with commitments, are the tangible expression of its strong culture of partnership. The group also supports the safety, health, quality of work life and personal development of its employees.
Spie Batignolles employs 6500 people and generates a turnover of € 1,8 bn.

Why Performance Vision ?

Thomas Germain, CIO: “We have been using PerformanceVision for several years. I became Chief Information officer of Spie Batignolles in 2012. This single IT organization consolidates all IT resources across the group’s subsidiaries. Upgrading the PerformanceVision solution was one of my first decisions in order to support the performance of our IT system. The goal of this project was to keep track of user experience at every level of the group. At the time, we encountered response time problems and infrastructure stress from several competing uses. This goal was fully achieved.”

The solution provides a “wide angle” visibility of all the applications used.

Which solutions have you considered?

Thomas Germain: “Of course, we shopped the market in order to identify solutions that met our needs. We chose PerformanceVision as we considered its price/performance/richness of information ratio to be more advantageous.”

How do you use it?

Thomas Germain: “PerformanceVision tracks (anonymously and globally) all of the flows that reach our datacenter, i.e. the traffic of about 3500 users. The solution provides a “wide angle” visibility of all the applications used.

It is used daily by the entire IT team, from IT management with the dashboards to the administrators who can determine whether there’s a degradation of response time or latency, and if so when, for which users and applications, and where it originates.

Beyond diagnostic operations, PerformanceVision has supported the migrations and changes in architecture that Spie Batignolles implemented on its data center (including the replacement of the storage infrastructure and the switch from an internal messaging system to Office 365 in order to relieve the data center). PerformanceVision has allowed us to prepare these migrations, to monitor their development and their impact on infrastructure usage and user performance before, during and after the migration. It also allowed us to gather objective data regarding the benefits of these migrations on delivering applications to users.”

After having used the solution for several years, what is your assessment?

Thomas Germain: “We have transitioned from reactive performance management to proactive management. Our next goal is to allow the infrastructure and application teams to work together more efficiently.”

We have transitioned from reactive performance management to proactive management.




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