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About Splitpoint

Splitpoint Solutions operates as a network services company in South Africa. It focuses on the analysis, trouble-shooting, and ongoing performance management of network infrastructures and networked applications. The company provides edge network and WAN optimisation solutions. It helps to meet corporate and IT objectives through accelerating the performance of global network infrastructures, improving productivity, automating management and lowering overall IT costs.
It offers analytical services, which include network audit and health checks, network analysis, and critical problem resolutions.

Why Performance Vision ?

BrBrett Airey: “Splitpoint has a long track record in the fields of network analysis and monitoring systems.

IT systems are going more complex. In the early days, tapping the network and analysing data with a network sniffer worked and it was easy! Nowadays with virtualization, highly switched and redundant infrastructures, it has become much harder to tap the network and dive into packets to troubleshoot performance issues. You need an helicopter view and instantly get the metrics which keep the network running and tell you have to focus.

In troubleshooting processes, today, how good your holistic view is matters more than pure packet capture.

At Splitpoint, we are trouble-shooters: we see customers who hit a problem; either we get access to their tools, or they have nothing in place. We see situations of performance crisis going on for months before we arrive.

Our number one goal is to enter and give a service: PerformanceVision is our way to remain at the customer’s service and offer an ongoing service.

Most customers have no adequate staff to look after these tools: most of their previous tools ended up on a shelf, or their champion user ended leaving. the outcome is that customers see a troubleshooting skill shortage in-house.

The benefit of having a tool like PerformanceVision in place to deliver that service is to offer a much better reactivity and shortened resolution times: our engineers at any time know they will have an history, a baseline of the application’s performance, an helicopter view and an instant access to detailed troubleshooting data.”

How would you describe your collaboration with the vendor?

Brett Airey: “The relationship with PerformanceVision has been particularly good.

It is nice to work with a solution which is evolving fast, providing new capabilities at a fast pace and the support we receive from the vendor is a first class service!

We experienced different experience with companies which are larger, have many products and in the end do not offer a sufficient reactivity, transparency and ability to respond to our requests.

The experience with PerformanceVision is radically different: they have a culture of customer satisfaction and offering good service, they look for your feedback and take it in account in their product management decisions! Engineers and product managers are approachable with a culture of transparent communication.“

Which of your customers are using PerformanceVision and for what?

Brett Airey: “We mostly work with large companies; most of them are listed on the stock exchange.

Let’s take an example: SASOL. This is a petrochemical company which converts petrol in plastic material. This is the first customer where we have based our service on PerformanceVision.

They have two major factory sites and a mass of big factories. They have a massive Cisco datacenter infrastructure spread over 6 sites, hosting thousands of servers, used by approximately 30 000 users.

Our service is based on 5 capture appliances which report into a single Datastore which provides my team with a single pane of glass on what’s occurring in any datacenter of Sasol.

Here is how the story started: we used to offer troubleshooting services with packet devices, but due to the access control regulations applicable on the plants, delivering diagnostic services was getting slower and more complex to run.

At some point, to keep our customer’s happy, we had to take another approach: we looked at putting in place a permanent infrastructure for troubleshooting and monitoring based on TAPs, aggregators and PerformanceVision.

Thanks to PerformanceVision virtual appliances, we could start with a one-year contract relying on standard hardware.

We offered a service which contains the reporting and alerting on performance for a fixed monthly fee and a bundle of service hours for special investigations. The customer is able to call at any time and gets good reactivity. Our team can manage the whole infrastructure remotely including the scope of the traffic capture.

The customer benefited so much from the improved reactivity that they transformed this one-year contract into a long term service (5 years)!




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