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Perfomance Vision offers powerful performance monitoring that enables you to track,
maintain, and visualise network performance in real time.


Performance Troubleshooting

Diagnosing and resolving performance degradations is a major challenge for IT departments due to the increased complexity of IT systems, the number of interconnected systems, the variety of potential uses, the pace of technological change and the increasing size of IT infrastructures.

Network Management

Managing network infrastructure in today’s ever changing and growing IT environments is a major challenge for IT organizations everywhere. There are many technology trends that make network management more critical and more complex to implement: distribution of users in many locations, mixing centralized datacenter resources and decentralized services, increasing number of applications, some of them being out of IT’s control (e.g. SaaS), virtualization, cloud and SDN technologies, as well as challenges such as Shadow IT and new viral threats.

End-User Experience

Monitoring the experience of users accessing hundreds or thousands of applications (hosted internally, in private clouds or as SaaS) is not an easy task but has become critical to business productivity.

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