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Application Transaction Visibility

Application Transaction Visibility

Application Transaction Visibility

Performance Vision tracks application transactions inside the network traffic. Your team can share information on the end user experience for specific or critical transactions in the form of dashboards and reports.
This helps your team collaborate across IT groups (helpdesk, network, systems, applications) proactively monitor key applications, resolve performance issues and optimize the overall performance path.

Performance Vision incorporates a comprehensive set of real time transaction decoders to track and measure the performance of:

  • HTTP/Web Applications
  • HTTPS traffic, including SaaS traffic.
  • Database systems
  • Storage and file transfer
  • Name Resolution (DNS etc.)
  • Microsoft services (DCE/RPC)
  • Remote Desktops (Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop)
  • VOIP

If you would like to know more about Performance Vision’s application transaction monitoring capabilities, please visit the section dedicated to the transaction modules.

End User Experience

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