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Dashboard and KPIs

Real User Monitoring

Performance Vision provides KPIs for End User Experience Monitoring, whatever protocol is used by the application. This information can be presented for both management reporting and monitoring purposes.

Management reports

All of Performance Vision’s insightful information  can be pulled and distributed as structured comprehensive reports for management reporting and team meetings. These reports can take the form of customized dashboards and or exportable PDF files.

Monitoring Dashboards

The status of all applications can be displayed in the form of an auto-refreshing monitoring dashboard; This dashboard can be integrated in your NOC environment so that your operators are immediately aware of a degradation hitting a critical application or a strategic network link.

In case of a degradation, your team can directly see the breakdown of the end user expeience between the different application delivery tiers (client, network, common services, security devices, server, application) and instantly understand who is impacted, when and for which transactions.

The end user experience KPIs are available at the transaction level allowing users to get a dashboard on specific application transactions.

End User Experience

Application Transaction Visibility