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Proactive Network Performance Monitoring

Ensuring that the network is performing optimally for application delivery—across hybrid, physical, virtualized and software-defined network environments—is key to successful daily IT operations and the business outcomes that they support. SkyLIGHT™ PVX offers IT professionals an at-a-glance, real-time view of network performance and provides proactive monitoring dashboards to ensure that all network links are in working order.

  • SkyLIGHT PVX displays an always up-to-date dashboard that summarizes the status of business-critical network links and proactively alerts IT teams in case of congestion as well as in case of performance degradation (e.g., increase in network latency or appearance of excessive packet loss rates, high utilization at the Ethernet and IP layers).
  • In case of performance degradation, the IT team is notified in real-time with insight to its origin, duration, and the scope of its impact on users and applications.
Network Performance Monitoring

Abnormal Behavior Detection


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