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Network Usage Monitoring

Usage monitoring performance

In today’s complex environments it is key to understand how the network infrastructure is used and what is creating the congestion to isolate and fix it quickly.

Performance Vision provides complete visibility of all the traffic traversing your network infrastructure including: remote site traffic, traffic on and out of your data centers and East-West traffic inside your data centers.

With Performance Vision, IT teams get the full picture:

  • Which applications are using what bandwidth?
  • Who are the top talkers?
  • What is the relationship mapping of all network flows?
  • Which users are accessing which servers? And where these servers are located? 
  • Which links may be saturated? By which applications / flows are saturated?  
  • Which new applications and traffic are present on the network?
  • What is the evolution of the traffic for a given application? What are the network requirements for each application? (bandwidth per user, time of the day, variability) What are the most bandwidth consuming transactions inside that application?

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