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360° Network and Application Visibility

Performance Vision tracks all network flows (from, to and inside your datacenters)
and 100% of the applications accessed by 100% of your users.

Real-time and Back in time

Performance Vision analysees all traffic in real time to extract detailed analytics (over 100 metrics including volumes, performance, errors, indicators). Analytics are centralized and stored in a database to provide a history of your network and application activities and performance.

You can easily navigate through time to compare the current situation to a baseline; you can also track back when a certain pattern started occurring to identify trends and changes.

Finding a needle in the haystack is easy!

Performance Vision’s Datastore builds overviews for your team to understand “the big picture”: i.e what is the status of the most critical applications and infrastructure links.
It also provides an instant access to any details directly from the dashboard; Performance Vision’s drill down is the most accurate and intuitive way to screen the “haystack” and get right to the “needle” within a few mouse clicks.

Explore 4 clicks to drill down

Zero blind spots

Performance Vision computes hundreds of performance metrics in real time on every flow going across your network. Analysts have access to a comprehensive set of metrics to pinpoint hosts, network, infrastructure and application issues through a single troubleshooting interface:

  •    client-side errors and configuration issues;
  •    network usage, error and latency indicators:
  •    server-side error indicators;
  •    application response and error metrics;
  •    data volume issues and transfer times.

From network maps to conversations

In a fast-changing and highly complex system, getting answers to simple questions such as who’s using what and with what performance is not easy. Performance Vision helps teams understand the geography of their flows, identifying where data volumes are high, response times long and errors frequent.

From these maps, analysts are one click away from determing the impacted network and application conversations.

From network flows to transaction visibility

Users are evaluating business applications on the overall, end-to-end application performance and availability; they can’t tell you which of network or the applications that are slow, they just know something is slow!  When troubleshooting performance, your team can’t restrict its investigation to just single area: whatyour team needs is visibility into the whole Performance Path.

The Performance Path is what Performance Vision reveals by showing both the network flows and the application conversations inside them.

Performance troubleshooting requires understanding the respective impacts of network and infrastructure on each other. Both aspects are directly provided by Performance Vision, all into a single easy to use appliance.

Application delivery is never as simple as a client connecting to a server. In reality, clients go through numerous infrastructure layers (LAN, WAN, security / filtering devices, common services like name resolution, authentication, load balancers, etc.) to access the application layer which brings its own set of complexity (dependencies to common services, back ends like application servers, databases, file servers, storage and so on).

Understanding how application chains work is key. Performance Vision can show how each tier impacts the end-user experience when troubleshooting performance degradations.


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