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Isolate problems

Isolate performance problem

The very first step in problem solving consists in gathering enough information to investigate the case efficiently.

The initial information usually available to analysts is incomplete: it often contains far too little objective data on the degradation or error.

Performance Vision permanently collects objective measurements on 100% of the transactions conducted by users to all the applications. This data gets summarized in instant-read dashboards for analysts to understand all five of the W questions: What happened? Who was involved? Where it took place? When? Why?

Which applications?

Performance Vision alerts you when a critical application provides degraded end user experience. Your team immediately understand when the problem occurred and what components are responsible for the degradation (client, network, server processing, data volumes).

normal behavior


Performance Vision shows you when the problem occured and provides a basis for comparison to understand what is the « normal » behavior of the application and when it got degraded, helping the analysts to correlate the behavior with the overall IT change log.

Who is impacted?

Within one click, analysts get a view of which servers and users experience have a degraded performance and of where to look for the root cause. Screenshot of top servers and user locations.

For which transactions?

What were users doing? Performance Vision keeps track of all user activities and reports back all the network flows as well as the application transactions. This way an analyst can identify the specific transactions impacted during the degradations to provide an accurate and precise feedback to the application team.


Identify the root cause